Saturday, 29 March 2014

Drawings from sketchbook

A look into my sketchbook

I mostly draw flowers and plants.
I draw them while looking in my botanical books .

This is my collection of botanical books, I got 11 so far.
 Most of them are bought at flea markets.
-And there is still some specific ones I am looking for (By Eigil KiƦr).
I really love a good botanical book with beautiful illustrations! 

I also study artists.
At the moment I am focusing on William Morris.
He has made some amazingly beautiful tapestries and floral patterns.
Hopefully it will broaden my horizon.
 Drawings after a botanical book.
Using a H4 pencil, a 0,05 mm pen and a 0,1 mm pen.

Study of Masters - William Morris
Used a H4 pencil and a 0,05 mm pen and coloured pencils.
 The top drawing is a study of masters - William Morris.
The bottom is a drawing after a botanical book.
Used a H4 pencil, a 0,05 pen, a 0,1 pen and colour pencils.

A study of Masters- William Morris.
Used a H4 pencil, a B2 pencil, a 0,05 mm pen, a 0,01 mm pen and some coloured pencils.
Drawing after a botanical book, and a Mandala.
Used a H4 pencil, a 0,05 mm pen, a 0,1 mm pen and a 0,7 mm pen

I can happily announce that I am crocheting at the moment.
Have also knitted a bit - but it is a secret project so I can't show you the result.
Actually the crocheting is also a secret project...
So I foresee more pictures of drawings!

Happy creating:)

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