Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Embelishment of red cardigan

 Long time ago I made some embroidery on a red cardigan.
Some bright red on the sleeve by the shoulder, 
and some dark red skewed stripes on the shoulder (back and front)
But, a huge but,
The stripes I made wasn't identical on each shoulder!
To tell the truth it looked very stupid.
I just haven't gotten around to fixing it yet. Even though it is ages ago I made it 
- I blame the depression.

The other day, that day, had come. 
The day I would rectify my stupid mistake.

So I finally found the seam ripper, and started working.

I remember the hassle I had making those darn stripes, but remembering it looked absolutely foolish because it wasn't done correctly - it was okay to remove the stribes.

Only thing is - I made 4 holes doing it. Ups.

I had already decided I would make some sort of new embellishment on the cardigan, 
so it was sort of okay. Sort of.
Still feel a bit unskilled though!

But since I now had to cover some holes, I decided on making crocheted flowers.
Used this pattern I found via pinterest.

 Flowers done, now only the sewing in of the ends needed doing.
Sewed in one of the ends, and used the other to sew on the flowers.
Used a 1,75 mm, 2 mm and 2,5 mm hook.
Used 3 different scraps of yarn, two of them being wool.


Really like the result :)

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