Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Latest drawings and the cat

 Drawn from botanical books.
Wanted to try something a bit more detailed than just a single flowerhead and a stem.

 Drawn with a 4H pencil, a 0,1 mm pen and a 0,05 mm pen.
First I drew with pencil then with pens and then I erased the pencil strokes.

 Drawn with a 4H pencil and a 2B pencil

 So Selma here decided to lie on my drawings which are lying on the bookcase.
Why I do not know.
She has done it before though.
One time I had a piece of paper lying on the sofa - and she decided that was the best place to lie. Even though she had the whole sofa to choose from.
But no, not a chance - The piece of paper it was!
And, she is lying on the drawings on the bookshelf now again, as I am writing.