Saturday, 15 March 2014

Painting no. 3

 This is how the painting looked before I decided to paint it over.
Again something I have used some time on, but very far from a done painting.
So it felt good to try with something new.

First I made a sketch

Background painted.
Gave it quite a lot of layers, because each time I had mixed a colour I only had enough for 1½ layers.
Which isn't enough.
So I had to mix again, and again. 

Motive sketched on with white pencil.

The gruelling task of painting white and yellow is what I do first.
Then I get on with the other colours

The worst to paint is the stems, I hate it. So difficult to paint - as you can see.

Finished painting

This is my favorite so far, I really like it.

The first flower painting I made you can see here.
The second you can see here.

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