Monday, 31 March 2014

Patched up poncho

  My mother finished a poncho for me in December 2012.

The poncho.

But maybe ½ a year ago or so,
 I took the poncho from the coat hook it had been hanging on.
- When I saw a huge hole in it.
I then realised I had moth!
(Which I have had more than once since - see my previous post)

My heart broke.
Because I really really liked that damn poncho.

I started by letting it lie in the freezer for a couple of weeks.
To kill the damn things.
After that I really didn't know what to do...
So for ½ a year I didn't have a clue about how to fix it, and make it look good, mind.

Recently though, I finally decided I could patch the whole up with some felt,
 like when you get a whole on you pants or your sweater.
So I bought some felt. Grey felt.

Now was the time to fix it.
So I found myself a needle, some grey sewing thread, a scissor and the felt.

 Here I have sewed the hole together.
Should have taken a photo of the hole before I fixed it, but I forgot.
- It seemed like a humongous hole.
Though here sewed together, it seems rather little..


 Here is the heart cut out of a square piece of felt.
I made it double, because that just felt right.

I could easily have made the heart smaller,
but I prefer it as a statement, instead of something to patch up a hole..
If that makes any sense.

 The heart sewed on.

Poncho with heart.

I think it looks okay.
It hasn't ruined the poncho like I thought it would. 
It doesn't look fantastic, but it is decent.
It's definitely wearable.

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  1. Kære Sofie.
    Du er bare god.
    Kærlig hilsen Morfar