Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Just now

I finally picked up "These Three Remain" by Pamela Aidan at the library.
Oh and it was good:)
It is a third and final one in a series, that is Pride and Prejudice seen from Darcys point of view.

 I have actually started knitting again.
It is quite some time ago I last did any knitting.
I have thought been doing some crocheting to compensate.

Generally it has been rather sparse in the creativity department lately.
Because what to do when you already have everything you need?!

The picture shows my latest project, a pair of cable legwarmers.
The yarn was a pair of legwarmers already before I decided to unravel them 
- because they were in fact too big and loose for my legs.
So now I will try again with a new design to keep myself occupied.
It is on 2,5 mm needles, which I am sorry to say, I find rather tedious after having been crocheting for some weeks and not knitting.
I will however just have to persevere.

Cut my brothers hair yesterday, with a trimmer and a pair of scissors.
It took ages, some part of it being because I accidentally suddenly trimmed some of the hair way shorter than the rest. -Started 8 mm 3,5mm. Whoops.
There was a lot of "whoops" and laughter on my part, which worried my brother a bit.
It really was rather comic me standing there having no clue what to do.
So some of the time was also spend him trying patiently to teach me what to do.
But, we did finish it, with a reasonable result I think.

Have had giant wasps in my apartment twice now.
In a matter of 3 days.
Which is wayyy too much for my liking.
I am absolutely horrified of the buggers.
So now I am too scared to open my windows,
 which will prove a bit of a problem since we are going towards the summer...
Stupid irrational fears!

Friday, 25 April 2014

Crocheted mats for cat

 It is no secret that I have been very bored.
So my mom bought some cotton yarn and asked me to make some pieces for their cats bowls.
Since I don't feel like knitting at the moment, it was a perfect time to try out some crochet designs.

 I tried out some different ones.
The one on the picture above I quickly discarded. Too big holes.
Nr 3 is my most used crocheting needle. 
I have wrapped the center part with tape to make it more ergonomic and easy to use.
Lots of tea was drunk while crocheting.

They are nothing special, just practice really.
But anything that will occupy me is welcome.
The two designs are from this Ripple Stitch book.
17 sts x 4 + 2 =  70 sts

 9 sts x 6 + 3 = 57 sts
What shall I do now?
I have already vacumed my apartment (Which, is like, huge in my world).
I was that bored!

I do have one secret project I am working on.
But, one really needs more than one active project at the time.
There is a very large amount of inactive projects lying around, but I need something I can get passionate about.
-And what exactly should that be?!
I must mull things over.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Just now

Finished this book last week.
The second in a series of three.
Looking forward to the 3. book. - picked it up earlier today.

Finished this book Saturday
I have watched the television series they have made based on the books, and really liked it.
So I thought, why not give the books a try.
First up I had to find out if the library even had some of the books (preferably in English).
Which it turned out they had (several), and one in Polish and none in Danish apparently.
Anyways, I got the first one from the library and found that I rather liked it.
So now I have reserved some more.

On a more creative note- I still got several projects on the needles , and about as many planned (Or more).
What I haven't got is the wish to actually work on them.
So instead they just lie around, waiting for me to get excited about them again.
There has been rather a lot of boredom and restless walking about the apartment.
Not that that is anything unusual.

I have been doing some crocheting though.
 I don't know why that appeals to me and knitting does not at the moment.
There has also been some bead work done.
Now I believe I will drink another cup of tea.

Thursday, 17 April 2014


 I made 5 washcloths in green for my fathers birthday.

I wanted to use yarn from my stash for this project.
Since I had used most of my blue cotton yarn stash earlier, all I had to choose from was green.
I have/had over 10 balls of green cotton yarn from Søstrene Grene.
Must be from back when I was crocheting a granny square blanket in green.

One washcloth uses just over 25 g of yarn, which is why they are all a different colour. 
The pattern is from a ripple stitch book by Jan Eaton.

I hooked 65 chains to start.
The design is 10 wide and crocheted with single crochet stitches through the back loops.
The design calls for double crochet stitches, but I chose single crochet stitches to make it more dense.


The Easter holiday has arrived.
And I am bored, en masse.
Have tons of projects in the make, or just waiting to be started on.
But I don't feel like doing any of it.

I obviously got to do something, but what.
 I foresee boredom.

Saturday, 12 April 2014


 Have you ever seen this book by Ingrid Plum?
It is amazing.
I remember borrowing it at the local library 10 years ago or so.
And was absolutely fascinated by it.
It seamed a bit too difficult for me though so I never started any embroidery.

I have always remembered it though, and felt a great need to look into it again.
So I spend some time trying to figure out what the book was called, and finally found it - and then reserved it at the library.

Thank goodness for libraries:)

Here is a few snippets from the book:

 I remember being especially fascinated by this one.

 This one has caught my eye this time.
I really like the art nouveau likeness to it.

 I am not sure whether I will actually start up on a project or not.
Because if, it means I will have to buy the canvas ( I got tons of small scraps, but nothing the size of a pillow cover) and the embroidery floss, which as you might know isn't cheap.
And I already have my fair share of pillow covers.

Anyways, just wanted to share the amazing book with you.
I am sorry to say that I couldn't find it on amazon

Then we come to what I have been working on:

My "what if" embroidery.
I started it ages ago, and filled in the background 1½ year ago when I was hospitalized.
See this post.
But the embroidery floss I used was wool and more fluffy,
and it never quite grew on me.
So it has been lying in a drawer for ages.

Until I finally decided to remove the beige embroidery thread.
Then when I was on holiday in Lisbon, I bought some blue embroidery floss.
Several skeins, not that I can find more than two skeins at the moment..
On the picture above I have tried out the colours.
I am not quite satisfied, but it is the colour I bought, so nothing to do.
I will embroider some more, and see whether I like the result or not.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Drawings from sketchbook

A look into my sketchbook

 Drawn from a botanical book, and a mandala.
I know the shadowing on the dog rose is completely off, I don't know what I was thinking.

 Study of Masters - William Morris.
The two branches should be closer together.

 Drawn from a botanical book.

 Drawn from a botanical book.

 Drawn from a botanical book.

Study of Masters - William Morris.

Not drawing or painting at the moment.
Have been crocheting quite a bit, but have run out of stuff to crochet.
Just started embroidering the background on a old project, not quite sure about it.
Therefore I am looking for a new exciting project, who doesn't love one of those!?
Hoping inspiration will hit me soon:)

Friday, 4 April 2014

Just now

 Isn't she a sight for sore eyes?
Which reminds me, I got to go disturb her for the 10th time today.
Hold on.
There it is done:)
She is a very brave little thing -she puts up with all my kissing and hugging.

In the picture she is lying on my favourite linen. 
I got 2 pairs of it. Bought in two different secondhand shops. 
What is not to love?

 Reading "An Assembly Such as This". 
The first in a series of 3 books. I have read it before though.
Picked up the second in the series from the library the other day, and started reading.
-and didn't have a clue where the first one had left off.
So since I own the first one in the series, I started reading that one instead.

Spend an hour or so today, rearranging my books.
Normally I have books in this bookcase + in another smaller one.
I normally have them colour coordinated because I like the look, and went for it again.
It makes it more harmonious I think.

Not being tremendously creative at the moment.
Which is very boring.
 Sometimes the hours just drag by, one after one after one.
If you will excuse me. 
I will drink a cup of tea - and wonder at what on earth I shall do to spend the time tonight.