Friday, 25 April 2014

Crocheted mats for cat

 It is no secret that I have been very bored.
So my mom bought some cotton yarn and asked me to make some pieces for their cats bowls.
Since I don't feel like knitting at the moment, it was a perfect time to try out some crochet designs.

 I tried out some different ones.
The one on the picture above I quickly discarded. Too big holes.
Nr 3 is my most used crocheting needle. 
I have wrapped the center part with tape to make it more ergonomic and easy to use.
Lots of tea was drunk while crocheting.

They are nothing special, just practice really.
But anything that will occupy me is welcome.
The two designs are from this Ripple Stitch book.
17 sts x 4 + 2 =  70 sts

 9 sts x 6 + 3 = 57 sts
What shall I do now?
I have already vacumed my apartment (Which, is like, huge in my world).
I was that bored!

I do have one secret project I am working on.
But, one really needs more than one active project at the time.
There is a very large amount of inactive projects lying around, but I need something I can get passionate about.
-And what exactly should that be?!
I must mull things over.

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