Saturday, 12 April 2014


 Have you ever seen this book by Ingrid Plum?
It is amazing.
I remember borrowing it at the local library 10 years ago or so.
And was absolutely fascinated by it.
It seamed a bit too difficult for me though so I never started any embroidery.

I have always remembered it though, and felt a great need to look into it again.
So I spend some time trying to figure out what the book was called, and finally found it - and then reserved it at the library.

Thank goodness for libraries:)

Here is a few snippets from the book:

 I remember being especially fascinated by this one.

 This one has caught my eye this time.
I really like the art nouveau likeness to it.

 I am not sure whether I will actually start up on a project or not.
Because if, it means I will have to buy the canvas ( I got tons of small scraps, but nothing the size of a pillow cover) and the embroidery floss, which as you might know isn't cheap.
And I already have my fair share of pillow covers.

Anyways, just wanted to share the amazing book with you.
I am sorry to say that I couldn't find it on amazon

Then we come to what I have been working on:

My "what if" embroidery.
I started it ages ago, and filled in the background 1½ year ago when I was hospitalized.
See this post.
But the embroidery floss I used was wool and more fluffy,
and it never quite grew on me.
So it has been lying in a drawer for ages.

Until I finally decided to remove the beige embroidery thread.
Then when I was on holiday in Lisbon, I bought some blue embroidery floss.
Several skeins, not that I can find more than two skeins at the moment..
On the picture above I have tried out the colours.
I am not quite satisfied, but it is the colour I bought, so nothing to do.
I will embroider some more, and see whether I like the result or not.

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