Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Just now

Finished this book last week.
The second in a series of three.
Looking forward to the 3. book. - picked it up earlier today.

Finished this book Saturday
I have watched the television series they have made based on the books, and really liked it.
So I thought, why not give the books a try.
First up I had to find out if the library even had some of the books (preferably in English).
Which it turned out they had (several), and one in Polish and none in Danish apparently.
Anyways, I got the first one from the library and found that I rather liked it.
So now I have reserved some more.

On a more creative note- I still got several projects on the needles , and about as many planned (Or more).
What I haven't got is the wish to actually work on them.
So instead they just lie around, waiting for me to get excited about them again.
There has been rather a lot of boredom and restless walking about the apartment.
Not that that is anything unusual.

I have been doing some crocheting though.
 I don't know why that appeals to me and knitting does not at the moment.
There has also been some bead work done.
Now I believe I will drink another cup of tea.

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