Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Just now

I finally picked up "These Three Remain" by Pamela Aidan at the library.
Oh and it was good:)
It is a third and final one in a series, that is Pride and Prejudice seen from Darcys point of view.

 I have actually started knitting again.
It is quite some time ago I last did any knitting.
I have thought been doing some crocheting to compensate.

Generally it has been rather sparse in the creativity department lately.
Because what to do when you already have everything you need?!

The picture shows my latest project, a pair of cable legwarmers.
The yarn was a pair of legwarmers already before I decided to unravel them 
- because they were in fact too big and loose for my legs.
So now I will try again with a new design to keep myself occupied.
It is on 2,5 mm needles, which I am sorry to say, I find rather tedious after having been crocheting for some weeks and not knitting.
I will however just have to persevere.

Cut my brothers hair yesterday, with a trimmer and a pair of scissors.
It took ages, some part of it being because I accidentally suddenly trimmed some of the hair way shorter than the rest. -Started 8 mm 3,5mm. Whoops.
There was a lot of "whoops" and laughter on my part, which worried my brother a bit.
It really was rather comic me standing there having no clue what to do.
So some of the time was also spend him trying patiently to teach me what to do.
But, we did finish it, with a reasonable result I think.

Have had giant wasps in my apartment twice now.
In a matter of 3 days.
Which is wayyy too much for my liking.
I am absolutely horrified of the buggers.
So now I am too scared to open my windows,
 which will prove a bit of a problem since we are going towards the summer...
Stupid irrational fears!

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