Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Hama bead projects

 A try to make roses.

It was interesting to "paint" with the beads. To see what else you can make besides geometrical patterns inside the given shape - a hexagon in this case.
It might be easier if I had a square shape though, so the points would be in a normal pattern. 
Vertically and horizontally, instead of being tilted as they are in the hexagon shape.
I did not consider that when I bought them, I just really liked the hexagon shape.
I did also buy a heart shape, but now I feel it is a bit too, well, sentimental to make hearts.
Instead I think I will buy a square shape when I am next in town, and then experiment some more.

I did use the hexagon shape to make some decoration for my sofa-lamps:

Geometrical pattern in the make

Normally I have some knitted Christmas balls hanging from the two lamps above my sofa.
They have been there for at least a year though, and I am in the need of some change.
So I made the two hama bead hexagons you see in the pictures above.
I used 5 different colours and then randomly made the two different geometrical patterns.
It would simply be too boring to make two identical ones, so that is why they are different.
I do hate boredom!


I fear I have gotten moths in my kitchen cupboard where I keep all of my mittens and scarfs.
You are thinking, why on earth do you have you mittens and scarfs in a kitchen cupboard?
Well that would be because my main door is in my kitchen. So you walk directly into my kitchen. There used to be a small entrance room when I bought the apartment, but we removed the wall to make the kitchen larger. Which I am very pleased with by the way.
Anyways it is very annoying, and it is like the millionth time I got moth. I simply must tackle it tomorrow. Did spray inside the cupboard though. Didn't have energy for more today.
Today has been a needed relaxing day, with knitting, lots of tea and die hard movies, it can't get any better than that. Well maybe if it was Jane Austen movies :) 

Hoping for days where you have a chance to do some of your favourite things!

Friday, 23 May 2014

Bird drawings

 I have been drawing a bit. Birds.

Two Great Tits

I worked on the bird on the bottom for quite some time, but couldn't get it right. 
So in the end I gave up.

A blue tit

I used a H4 pencil, a 2B pencil and a 8B pencil.

Birds are wonderful.
Small and elegant.
I always love when I can spot a bird in a tree or something.
Tits are my favourite kind of bird though.

The area I live in is called "Fuglekvarteret" which translated means The Bird Neighbourhood. 
This is because all the streets in the area are named after birds.
Like "Bogfinkevej", which translated means Chaffinch street, and "Blåmejsevej", which translated means Blue Tit Street.

My cat get very excited when a bird condescends to visit my bird feeder which sits on one of my windows. Actually I do too;) - Which they do very rarely by the way, but I hope more birds will visit in the colder months. Now I just have to hope my cat won't frighten away all of the wee wonderful birds when they actually come;).

Happy weekend!

Friday, 16 May 2014

Water colour

There is a few mistakes, but I won't go into that.
I did do some more work on the piece after these pictures were taken.
I tried doing a white tulip, which failed miserably.
Then I wanted to paint the background blue, but that also turned out wrong.
So the result is not so nice. In fact I am a little embarrassed it could go so wrong..
Which is also why you will not get a chance to see the actual finished result.

It is rather difficult to do water colours I find, and complex.
Patience and lots of layers are essential with water colouring.
We live and we learn.

Right now I got 3 water colour palettes. I had one before hand, but after my mothers mother died in January this year, I got all of her drawing things. Including 2 water colour palettes.
My gran was a lively lady, and liked to draw and paint.
It is from her I have gotten my interest. Every holiday in Copenhagen where I visited my grandparents, we would set up all of her things on the dinning table, and then get cracking.
Sweet memories.

Fan of Jane Austen much? - Me, oh yeah.
Now you can get cookie cutters as a man silhouette and as a lady silhouette from Mr Darcy and Jane Austen.
What is not to love?

I just made homemade ravioli. Ricotta, mozzarella and parmesan cheese, and fresh basil.
True some of it failed, holes appeared. There was however enough for dinner and a bit extra, oh and portion of normal tagliatelle that is drying.  It was yummy!

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Just now

 Flowers from my parents garden.
Are those leaves not beautifull?

I finished reading this book by Kerry Greenwood.
I rather like her books.
It is such a shame that the danish libraries only got a few of her books.
But I will take what I can get. Anythings better than nothing!
Got two of her books waiting for me at the library.

Normally I keep the lids of my boxes on. Everything looks more tidier then.
But it is rather fun to see how she gets attracted to that lid. No matter where it lies.
And Voila there she sits, or lies.
In a lid.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Bedroom garland

I have had several garlands hanging in my bedroom, from my overhead closets.
Now It was time for a new one. In reddish colours.

I used 8 different colours. Mostly cotton yarn.
First lots of round pieces were crocheted, some two coloured.
I crocheted in most of the ends as I went, so I didn't have to sew them in later.
Leaving just the last end.

Then I crocheted a long red string,
 onto where I sewed the round pieces with their said last unsewed ends.
Then I continued to crochet two strings onto the red string in places.
 A darker red and a purple.
So there were 3 strings in all with round pieces sewed onto them.
- Also called a garland.

Then I fastened the garland onto my overhead closets with tape.
I started up fitting them closer and tighter together,
 but didn't really like it, so I loosened them up a bit. 
Now it is as you see on the pictures.

My bedroom does look a bit like an invasion of an Ikea kitchen.
-Which makes sense since my closet is from Ikea, and it is the same as the ones in my kitchen.
Because of that I try to add something to make it look more like an actual bedroom.
Here the garland comes in, and the painting in the background.


Which reminds me, that painting really isn't done.
 I will probably end up painting it over with something completely new,
 the next time I get a craving for painting.

I actually haven't got any craft I am passionate about at the moment.
Which is rather annoying. - And a tad boring.
All I can do is to do a bit,
- so I at least don't feel like I am completely waisting  my time.
It is just, since I got all the time one could need,
 it is a shame not to spend all of those hours being creative you see.
Such a waste of perfectly good usable time.

Now I will drink another cup of Assam tea.
Which surely can't be called a waste of time,
but something that renders the day a bit better by each cup:)

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Hama bead coasters

These are the 5 colours I got of Hama beads, the small ones.
The ones where you have to use a  pair of tweezers to move them around.
I had no idea they would be so difficult to move around.
But in the store, I thought what the heck, and splashed out on  a pair of tweezers anyway.
Big spender me;)

Anyways, I quickly gave it a go when I got home.

First try
In the make

Before ironing

Finished coaster.
It got all wonky because I didn't iron it quite well enough.

Got to keep trying thought, so I started making some more:
These are the result.
6 finished coasters.

Number 1
In the make
Before ironing

Finished coaster

Number 2
In the making

Finished coaster

Number 3
In the make
Finished coaster

Number 4
Finished coaster

Number 5
Finished coasters

Number 6
Finished coaster

I don't know if I will make more.
They do take quite some time to do, and I tensed up a whole lot.
Too much really to want immediatly to make more.
But I dare say that I will make something more of hama beads in a bit.