Friday, 23 May 2014

Bird drawings

 I have been drawing a bit. Birds.

Two Great Tits

I worked on the bird on the bottom for quite some time, but couldn't get it right. 
So in the end I gave up.

A blue tit

I used a H4 pencil, a 2B pencil and a 8B pencil.

Birds are wonderful.
Small and elegant.
I always love when I can spot a bird in a tree or something.
Tits are my favourite kind of bird though.

The area I live in is called "Fuglekvarteret" which translated means The Bird Neighbourhood. 
This is because all the streets in the area are named after birds.
Like "Bogfinkevej", which translated means Chaffinch street, and "Blåmejsevej", which translated means Blue Tit Street.

My cat get very excited when a bird condescends to visit my bird feeder which sits on one of my windows. Actually I do too;) - Which they do very rarely by the way, but I hope more birds will visit in the colder months. Now I just have to hope my cat won't frighten away all of the wee wonderful birds when they actually come;).

Happy weekend!

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