Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Hama bead projects

 A try to make roses.

It was interesting to "paint" with the beads. To see what else you can make besides geometrical patterns inside the given shape - a hexagon in this case.
It might be easier if I had a square shape though, so the points would be in a normal pattern. 
Vertically and horizontally, instead of being tilted as they are in the hexagon shape.
I did not consider that when I bought them, I just really liked the hexagon shape.
I did also buy a heart shape, but now I feel it is a bit too, well, sentimental to make hearts.
Instead I think I will buy a square shape when I am next in town, and then experiment some more.

I did use the hexagon shape to make some decoration for my sofa-lamps:

Geometrical pattern in the make

Normally I have some knitted Christmas balls hanging from the two lamps above my sofa.
They have been there for at least a year though, and I am in the need of some change.
So I made the two hama bead hexagons you see in the pictures above.
I used 5 different colours and then randomly made the two different geometrical patterns.
It would simply be too boring to make two identical ones, so that is why they are different.
I do hate boredom!


I fear I have gotten moths in my kitchen cupboard where I keep all of my mittens and scarfs.
You are thinking, why on earth do you have you mittens and scarfs in a kitchen cupboard?
Well that would be because my main door is in my kitchen. So you walk directly into my kitchen. There used to be a small entrance room when I bought the apartment, but we removed the wall to make the kitchen larger. Which I am very pleased with by the way.
Anyways it is very annoying, and it is like the millionth time I got moth. I simply must tackle it tomorrow. Did spray inside the cupboard though. Didn't have energy for more today.
Today has been a needed relaxing day, with knitting, lots of tea and die hard movies, it can't get any better than that. Well maybe if it was Jane Austen movies :) 

Hoping for days where you have a chance to do some of your favourite things!

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