Thursday, 19 June 2014

Tulip water colour

I have been playing around with some watercolour again.

The two tulips are made after the red tulips you can see in the book on the picture above.
As you can see the colours doesn't match at all, but it is okay because I wasn't actually going for it.
I just wanted to practise the layering technique I have discovered works best with water colouring. 
It is quite the revelation to me, and it is actually rather fun to work that way, though it does take some time with all of those layers.

Now of course all I need to do is to make the stamen and  - the back ground - .
Oh, that background - because the last time I did a water colour,
I completely ruined the piece by trying to do a blue background.
I was rather embarrassed about it, so I didn't even show the finished result.

Here you see I have tried to make the blue background, but it isn't really working
I of course tried fixing it by adding more blue, as you can see on the picture below
 - which didn't work.
So I haven't figured a way to make the background nice when doing water colours.
Maybe one day I will get an other revelation!
One can hope.

Finished water colour.
I am fairly satisfied with it. It was certainly fun doing - except for that damn background.

Have you ever tried water colouring?

Went to see my psychiatrist the other day.
Was very worried she would say I wasn't ill any more, and send me packing into the frightening world of today. Luckily she didn't do that. Phew. Relief.

Have had a lot of anxiety about being thrown into "real life".
The last 5 years I have been getting treatment for depression and social phobia. Not being out in the real world. You sorta get into this little bobble when you are ill. You see only a few other people and many of them are sick as well ( At least that is what it has been like for me). 
So the real world becomes this frightening thing you don't wanna go near. 
With horrible things, like social gatherings,  rush hour, expectations and so on!

I am however doing a lot better.
I can actually smile and laugh now. (When you are depressed you often stop using facial expressions)

Well, that is enough positivity for one day, let us watch the news and get depressed again;)
Really I am not going to that. I have enough in reading the headlines of a newspaper each day.
No more than that, thank you very much.

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  1. Kære Sofie,
    Det er rart at læse at det går meget bedre med dig. Jeg kan forstå at det er ret svært at male med vandfarver. Mormor var ret god til det synes jeg. Det er du også

    Kærlig hilsen