Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Weekend with cat

 I am at a mini break at my parents - with my cat.

My dad came and picked me up in Copenhagen,
 and we drove down to my parents who live in the country.
It was a DREADFUL trip! I am not exaggerating.
Selma (my cat) was soo ill - it was horrible to watch.

It took her a day or so to get over it,
but now she is in a fine mood and is really enjoying being able to go outside in the garden. :)

Here she is lying on the stairs at my parents. Keeping an eye on things.

 Flowers from the garden, are there anything better!
The flowers on the left is Alchemilla  and some bush roses. The vase is a Hyacinth glass.
The flowers on the right, is Alchemellia/Lady's mantel, lavender and Spiraea. The vase pattern is called "Frisenborg" and is made by Royal Copenhagen 

Here she is smelling away, her favorite occupation.

Cat picture, cat picture, annddd a cat picture.
I hope you survived.

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  1. Thank you for stopping by and leaving me comments. They are always appreciated. Sorry to hear your cat was so poorly but good to know she has recovered.