Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Water colour of a Pelargonium and cat talk

Water colour of a pelargonium?

Not the best result.
I found it rather hard doing something so complex with lots of small flowers in it.
Though practice makes perfect, I've heard..


Absolutely enjoying the temperature today. Rainy weather and just over 20 C. degrees. Hurrah!
 Actually being able to breathe a bit, just lovely:)

Selma is totally enjoying being back home, she purrs, purrs and purrs (given that I scratch her of course).  It is so much easier to scratch her and give her attention when she is lying in easy distance of me, in my apartment, than having to find her in a huge bed of flowers! - Where she preferred being while at my parents, in all the heat we had.

Talking about animals and heat, I tried giving her ice cubes in her water, but she didn't get it at all.
She just walked away, probably thinking I was stupid, continually pointing at her water making various noises to try and interest her.

We also had quite the success travelling from my parents to my place, in car on Sunday. There was absolutely no puke, no pee, and no poop involved! Another Hurrah!

 There she is, lying among the perennials. 

Now I will listen to some music, read Pride and Prejudice, tidy up and drink some tea:)

Happy day to you!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Holiday in Germany

How have your summer been?

I have just been 12 days in the southern Germany with my parents.
More specifically driving The Romantic Road and a visit to Stuttgart.

My favourite things:
  • Some beautiful embroidered chasubles. They were at "Marienberg" ( an old fortress), in Würzburg, the first city on the "romantic road".
  • A beautiful candle stick formed as an Iris. It was at "The old castle", which holds the Wuerttemberg State Museum in Stuttgart, which is where we ended our German trip.  
  • Generally I like details, and there was plenty at the different castles and museums we visited.
  • We ate ice cream, a lot. My favourite, was soft ice with smarties in a cup, from Mac D.
  • Apparently Chanterelles are in season, which proved to taste rather well. 
  • During those really really hot days, I found that a Hugo Spritz was just the thing. - An elderflower drink.
  • Knitting away on 4,5 mm needles, it felt like I was racing ahead, compared to my normal 2,5 mm needles. It went so fast I even had time to knit the top I was knitting twice! ( Had to unravel it just before I was finished, because I hadn't measured my gauge!)
Also had one of my weirdest food experiences ever ( though it didn't trump the baked Waldorfsalat I once got in Sweden) . I got something called a "knödel". Sorta mashed potatoes in round form, but with the weirdest texture. Simply had to give up on it!

Visiting the Mercedes- Benz museum in Stuttgart - Which was my fathers choice. Surprise there!
Really it was okay, because as you see on the picture I entertained  myself :)
Listening to "Persuasion" by Jane Austen and knitting.
We were there for 4 1/2 hour (including lunch)... sigh.. 
I took my revenge however, when we went to the Fashion museum at Ludwigsburg Residential Castle. Not that we were there for nearly as long!

We had a rather hard time getting understood talking English. Which shocked me a bit. Though I guess it makes sense because they tape over everything with German voices. Where as in Denmark we just put on danish subtitles. (except of course small children TV). Also I happen to love English, so I am a bit biased. Luckily my dad know some German.

We also had to sit in a Mercedes Benz sale room for 3 hours while the car got repaired.
A bit of a bore. Again though, I entertained myself with some knitting. - So it really wasn't too bad.

All in all pretty good holiday.

Below some pictures of cities, palaces and gardens.

Würzburg Residenz

Garden at Marienberg, Würzburg

 Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Neuschwanstein castle

Thursday, 10 July 2014

water colour - leaves

 A water colour of some leaves, Judas tree leaves to be exact. 
I don't think I have ever heard of such a tree before, or seen one in real life.
As you can see, it actually doesn't look like the illustration in the book I made them after.
I must just continue to practice.

The book is called "Trees and Shrubs of Britain", and I found it at the local flea market.


I am at my parents.

Which meant another trip with the cat down here, went sort of okay. She still puked and stuff, but most of the trip she was much more well and calm than she has been before.
Gotta look at the positive side of things ;)

There have been a lot of cooking and baking.
- Especially some Swedish cardamom cookies by Rachel Allen, that went down very well!
Yum Yum.

It is soo hot right now in Denmark.
If there is something I hate, then it is 30 Celsius degrees. honestly I prefer 15-20 Celsius degrees (or colder. I just love weather where you can wear cardigans, or at least not sweat like a pig, and be able to keep just an ounce of dignity- and drink tea of course!

Off on a holiday early tomorrow. Germany.
Bringing some knitting, crocheting, and "Persuasion" and "Sense and sensibility" as audiobooks. Also some books, a Nick Hornby, and some Miss Marple. What a brilliant basis for a holiday :)

Happy holiday to you, when you get to it.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Water colour, pear flowers

 Did this water colour while on weekend at my parents.
It is flowers from a pear tree, 
done after a illustration in a book about trees and shrubs, I found at the local flea market.

The leaves didn't get very good, but it was fun doing the white flowers.
Last time I tried doing white flowers, a tulip more precisely. It went rather wrong.
So a tiny success:)
Doing this water colour, more specifically, the contours - made me realise,
 that I need some smaller brushes to work with.
I already got a big brush and a smaller one, but one or two even smaller ones would be perfect.
Will not talk about the background, it is pretty obvious it isn't a success.


Am watching lots of gardening programs, house renovating/ building programs and programs about antique auctions and the like.
Absolutely loving it!
No people die in such programs, no crazy plot or tremendous drama.
Just pure loveliness for fuelling dreams :)

I do watch a tad too much tv. Way too much actually.
I wont say just how much, you might fall down you chair and hurt youself ;)
Though I doubt I will have time for quite so much tv when I start studying after the summer holiday.
Which is probably a good thing.
Happy weekend to you.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Bird water colour

 I have done 2 water colours of the same motive. A blue tit.
I did the second because I wasn't satisfied with the first.

Below you will see the process of making the 2. blue tit.

Sketch before colouring with water colour.

This time I tried doing the background first with a larger brush.
Which worked out okay. 
Though I didn't go quite close enough to the motive, so there is white edge around the motive. 
Not ideal, but the best I have done so far.

Below you see the two watercolours side by side.

The one on the left was the second try, the one on the right was the first try.

 The first Blue Tit I made.
The head is too small, and pointy, and the leg seem too long.
I made the background as one of the last things. - Using a small water colour brush.

The second Blue Tit I  made.
The shape is better, and I like the colours more, and the background also looks more even.

I gotta do some more water colouring in the future:)
Practice makes perfect, I've heard.


Time flies, apparently. It is already a week ago since I posted last.
It's not that I do anything sensible. I am hardly creative anymore, which makes me sad.
Creativity used to be my identity -so without it, I feel a bit lost.
In August I am going to start school again..
I never finished my high school because I have been ill. So now I am better, it is time I guess.
Am only going to take a single class, to start up slowly. 
It is a small school for people with mental illness, with less people in the classes and so on.

So I better enjoy my summer!
Happy summer to you:)