Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Bird water colour

 I have done 2 water colours of the same motive. A blue tit.
I did the second because I wasn't satisfied with the first.

Below you will see the process of making the 2. blue tit.

Sketch before colouring with water colour.

This time I tried doing the background first with a larger brush.
Which worked out okay. 
Though I didn't go quite close enough to the motive, so there is white edge around the motive. 
Not ideal, but the best I have done so far.

Below you see the two watercolours side by side.

The one on the left was the second try, the one on the right was the first try.

 The first Blue Tit I made.
The head is too small, and pointy, and the leg seem too long.
I made the background as one of the last things. - Using a small water colour brush.

The second Blue Tit I  made.
The shape is better, and I like the colours more, and the background also looks more even.

I gotta do some more water colouring in the future:)
Practice makes perfect, I've heard.


Time flies, apparently. It is already a week ago since I posted last.
It's not that I do anything sensible. I am hardly creative anymore, which makes me sad.
Creativity used to be my identity -so without it, I feel a bit lost.
In August I am going to start school again..
I never finished my high school because I have been ill. So now I am better, it is time I guess.
Am only going to take a single class, to start up slowly. 
It is a small school for people with mental illness, with less people in the classes and so on.

So I better enjoy my summer!
Happy summer to you:)

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  1. Kære Sofie, det går da fint med akvarel, kan jeg se.
    Det er rigtigt at starte med skolen igen, et trin af gangen, så skal du nok klare det.