Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Water colour of a Pelargonium and cat talk

Water colour of a pelargonium?

Not the best result.
I found it rather hard doing something so complex with lots of small flowers in it.
Though practice makes perfect, I've heard..


Absolutely enjoying the temperature today. Rainy weather and just over 20 C. degrees. Hurrah!
 Actually being able to breathe a bit, just lovely:)

Selma is totally enjoying being back home, she purrs, purrs and purrs (given that I scratch her of course).  It is so much easier to scratch her and give her attention when she is lying in easy distance of me, in my apartment, than having to find her in a huge bed of flowers! - Where she preferred being while at my parents, in all the heat we had.

Talking about animals and heat, I tried giving her ice cubes in her water, but she didn't get it at all.
She just walked away, probably thinking I was stupid, continually pointing at her water making various noises to try and interest her.

We also had quite the success travelling from my parents to my place, in car on Sunday. There was absolutely no puke, no pee, and no poop involved! Another Hurrah!

 There she is, lying among the perennials. 

Now I will listen to some music, read Pride and Prejudice, tidy up and drink some tea:)

Happy day to you!

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