Saturday, 5 July 2014

Water colour, pear flowers

 Did this water colour while on weekend at my parents.
It is flowers from a pear tree, 
done after a illustration in a book about trees and shrubs, I found at the local flea market.

The leaves didn't get very good, but it was fun doing the white flowers.
Last time I tried doing white flowers, a tulip more precisely. It went rather wrong.
So a tiny success:)
Doing this water colour, more specifically, the contours - made me realise,
 that I need some smaller brushes to work with.
I already got a big brush and a smaller one, but one or two even smaller ones would be perfect.
Will not talk about the background, it is pretty obvious it isn't a success.


Am watching lots of gardening programs, house renovating/ building programs and programs about antique auctions and the like.
Absolutely loving it!
No people die in such programs, no crazy plot or tremendous drama.
Just pure loveliness for fuelling dreams :)

I do watch a tad too much tv. Way too much actually.
I wont say just how much, you might fall down you chair and hurt youself ;)
Though I doubt I will have time for quite so much tv when I start studying after the summer holiday.
Which is probably a good thing.
Happy weekend to you.

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