Friday, 22 August 2014

Bird drawings

Made a few drawings of birds.

The "Arg" I have written beside the birds, expresses my frustration when working on them.
I of course try my best to make them as exact as possible, but I am finding it rather difficult.
I do rather enjoy it though, somewhere in between the frustration that is;)


Started school, can't figure out whether I like it or not.
Skipped school today anyways, couldn't cope with having to see those people again.
Hoping to recharge over the next day so I am more ready to see people when the week start anew.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Water colour of birds

I have tried my hands at some more water colouring.
A blue tit and a normal tit.
They are my favourite birds, so colourful.
I found it calming to work on them. - Which is pretty essential, or I wouldn't be doing it I guess.
As always I used one of my books on birds to draw from.

They are of course not quite good enough, I don't feel like pointing out my mistakes however.
I don't need to add to my existing list of negative things, and things to worry about.

So, here you are, two birds I made a week or so ago.

I hope you will have a good weekend.
I sure need some days to relax, create and breathe.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Blue legwarmers for me

 Long time ago I made a pair of blue legwarmers for myself.

The picture above show the legwarmers in progress. 
I was sure I had a picture of them finished, but I don't.

My point is, that those blue legwarmers were too big for me. They kept sliding down. 
Which is a rather annoying trait for a pair of legwarmers, if you ask me.

As I believe in reusing things, it made sense to unravel the existing legwarmers, and use the yarn again for the new ones. So that is what I did. I unravelled them, and started anew.

I think the legwarmers was knitted on 3 mm needles, with 50 sts in circumference.


 So the new pair of legwarmers.

I found the cable design I used via Pinterest.
I do love a cable!
 The legwarmers have 12x6 = 72 sts in the round with the reused yarn, 
and 15x6 = 90 sts with the turquoise yarn. 
I added extra stitches in the turquoise yarn, because it is thinner, and also because I wanted to add a bit more to the circumference.

 I knitted with 2,5 mm needles, using the magic loop method.
In hindsight the needle seize might had been a bit too small for the reused blue yarn. 
So it is a bit dense, but done is done, and I don't really mind it.

The legwarmers are around 47 cm long.
They could easily have been longer, but I didn't have any more blue yarn,
 and I specifically wanted to use yarn from my stash.

All in all I am pretty satisfied with the legwarmers.
Now I just need some cold weather to test them.
Though I am quite happy to wait just a bit to test them;)


Have started a secret long term project. + A green shawl with cables.
AAnndd I have just started in school. For the first time in 6 years or something.
Am a mixture of excited, bored and anxious.
At least it makes me enjoy my freetime with knitting and other things, even more:)

Friday, 8 August 2014

Drawing, and just now

Have I shown you this drawing?

I made it in a drawing class, quite some months ago.
It is A3 I think, and I gave it to my parents.
There is a limit to just how many drawings I can use myself ;)


School is drawing nearer.
Sorta looking forward to it. Sorta not.
I can't change it however, and it will be interesting to learn something again.
4 days left to be precise.
What can I do other than enjoy things as they are now?!
- And I really am enjoying it.

Eating some delicious cookies. "Swedish cardamom cookies, by Rachel Allen"
They are seriously good. With cardamom, orange zest, and sugar nibs around the edge.

Oh, and Hugo's. An elderflower drink with sparkling wine.
The glass is standing on one of my homemade coasters.
Behind you see the result of a day spend shopping with my cousin.
Just loveliness:)

Happy weekend to you!

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Work in progress

The last many post I have been showing my attempts of Water colours.
It is about time I showed you something else.


The top above I made pretty much twice. My own fault completely. 
I could just have made a swatch to test my gauge. But no, no, not necessary;)
Lesson learned.
This is the pattern I used.

Now I Just need to sew it together. Which probably will take me ages to get done.

Why is it that the last finish always takes so long to get done.
 - even though it probably takes much shorter time, than I just used making the project?!


The triangels in the picture above, I have made 20 of. Need 48.
I am making them after this pattern.
The yarn have already been (almost) 2 whole shawls.
I hope the 3rd time's the charm:)


Table mats. Using this pattern. Making 6, in 3 different colours.
Been working on them for ages, but finally felt like doing some work on them some weeks ago.
Now working on the last one, The end is near. Thankfully!


Also working on a bathroom mat for my mother, which she asked for.


What are you working on?