Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Blue legwarmers for me

 Long time ago I made a pair of blue legwarmers for myself.

The picture above show the legwarmers in progress. 
I was sure I had a picture of them finished, but I don't.

My point is, that those blue legwarmers were too big for me. They kept sliding down. 
Which is a rather annoying trait for a pair of legwarmers, if you ask me.

As I believe in reusing things, it made sense to unravel the existing legwarmers, and use the yarn again for the new ones. So that is what I did. I unravelled them, and started anew.

I think the legwarmers was knitted on 3 mm needles, with 50 sts in circumference.


 So the new pair of legwarmers.

I found the cable design I used via Pinterest.
I do love a cable!
 The legwarmers have 12x6 = 72 sts in the round with the reused yarn, 
and 15x6 = 90 sts with the turquoise yarn. 
I added extra stitches in the turquoise yarn, because it is thinner, and also because I wanted to add a bit more to the circumference.

 I knitted with 2,5 mm needles, using the magic loop method.
In hindsight the needle seize might had been a bit too small for the reused blue yarn. 
So it is a bit dense, but done is done, and I don't really mind it.

The legwarmers are around 47 cm long.
They could easily have been longer, but I didn't have any more blue yarn,
 and I specifically wanted to use yarn from my stash.

All in all I am pretty satisfied with the legwarmers.
Now I just need some cold weather to test them.
Though I am quite happy to wait just a bit to test them;)


Have started a secret long term project. + A green shawl with cables.
AAnndd I have just started in school. For the first time in 6 years or something.
Am a mixture of excited, bored and anxious.
At least it makes me enjoy my freetime with knitting and other things, even more:)

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