Friday, 8 August 2014

Drawing, and just now

Have I shown you this drawing?

I made it in a drawing class, quite some months ago.
It is A3 I think, and I gave it to my parents.
There is a limit to just how many drawings I can use myself ;)


School is drawing nearer.
Sorta looking forward to it. Sorta not.
I can't change it however, and it will be interesting to learn something again.
4 days left to be precise.
What can I do other than enjoy things as they are now?!
- And I really am enjoying it.

Eating some delicious cookies. "Swedish cardamom cookies, by Rachel Allen"
They are seriously good. With cardamom, orange zest, and sugar nibs around the edge.

Oh, and Hugo's. An elderflower drink with sparkling wine.
The glass is standing on one of my homemade coasters.
Behind you see the result of a day spend shopping with my cousin.
Just loveliness:)

Happy weekend to you!

1 comment:

  1. Kære Sofie.
    Den tegning har du ikke vist før. Den er god.
    Det bliver spændende for dig at skulle i skole igen.
    Kærlig hilsen