Sunday, 3 August 2014

Work in progress

The last many post I have been showing my attempts of Water colours.
It is about time I showed you something else.


The top above I made pretty much twice. My own fault completely. 
I could just have made a swatch to test my gauge. But no, no, not necessary;)
Lesson learned.
This is the pattern I used.

Now I Just need to sew it together. Which probably will take me ages to get done.

Why is it that the last finish always takes so long to get done.
 - even though it probably takes much shorter time, than I just used making the project?!


The triangels in the picture above, I have made 20 of. Need 48.
I am making them after this pattern.
The yarn have already been (almost) 2 whole shawls.
I hope the 3rd time's the charm:)


Table mats. Using this pattern. Making 6, in 3 different colours.
Been working on them for ages, but finally felt like doing some work on them some weeks ago.
Now working on the last one, The end is near. Thankfully!


Also working on a bathroom mat for my mother, which she asked for.


What are you working on?

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  1. Kære Sofie.
    Du er meget flittig med strikkepindene. Jeg kan se at du har haft en god tur til Tyskland.
    Kærlig hilsen Morfar