Monday, 8 September 2014

Bathroom mat

 My mother asked me for an other mat for the bathroom.
So I thought it a good time to try out a new crochet pattern.

First of, I made the one above. Found it a bit too small however.
So I started a new one with an extra pattern repeat.
The picture below shows the result.
I don't remember how big it was, since I have already given it to my mother.
She seemed satisfied with it however.
Mission accompliced.

 Am having some bad days.
The result is that I sleep a lot, and do not go outside my apartment.
Very happy I got my little cat to keep me company:)

Was working a lot on a secret project. But had to leave it alone for a couple of days to see whether the colour combination was good enough or not. The result is that I have decided to unravel a bit too much. Especially since, I already unravel some earlier. So my passion for this project at the moment, is pretty much non excisting. The result must be that it will be done, when it is done.

I think I will make myself a cup of tea, and maybe paint a little or draw a bit.

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