Monday, 1 September 2014

Covered jars for pencils

 My mother asked me to do some covered glass jars for pencils, for her new office space. 
She is a teacher and they have just reformed the danish school, so that the teachers have to prepare at the school instead of at home, as they have always done. So she is in need of things to prettify her work space at school.

I came up with the following two jars.

 First jar,
 Crocheted. I didn't follow a pattern for the shape I just winged it. 
The crochet pattern ( or is it called a design?) is from a drops guest towel pattern.
Used scrap yarn.

 Second jar.
Crocheted as well. Used double crochet stitches. 
Just winged the pattern for the shape. Which also meant I had to do it two times to make it right.
Used scrap yarn again.
A lot more boring, so added flowers.

 Crocheted flowers, and a few felted.
Such a drag to sew in all ends, but have had worse.
I glued them on with a glue gun.


Hope you are having a good start at school or work.

Having started going to high school level history, I am finding that I like reading and taking notes. The rest I am not too fond of yet. Maybe it will come with time, as I get more used to it.
I have noticed that it takes me ages to get used to new things, but I will get there at some point, hopefully. Lots and lots of thoughts. Lots of editing and rewriting.
As always I choose to write less,  rather than, more and being faithful to my thoughts.
I think I need a cup of tea. Tea is afterall the bringer of all things good :)

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