Friday, 26 September 2014

Crocheted hangers

Many years ago now, I decided to paint all of my parents ugly wooden hangers.
I didn't get very far however - as you can see on the picture above. 
So now I feel rather bound to actually finish them somehow.
The solution is to cover them with crochet.
I only want to use leftover yarn, cotton.
(Soon I will get even more, when I at some point in the distant future, finish a secret project.)

Until then I have managed to finish 6 hangers.

They are 14 chains wide and 23 coloured rows long.

What I am left with, are lots of ends to sew in. Which at first overwhelmed me.
But then I realised I could use some of the ends to sew the crochet around the hanger, and the rest of the ends I simply stuffed into the hanger when I got to them. If that makes any sense.

The result is as you see below.
Very cheerful if you ask me. A bit of a shame they will just be in a closet.


I have finally gotten some more yarn for my secret project, and have unravelled most of what I had actually done. A bit annoying it was necessary, but I have only myself to thank for that.


Now I will drink another cup of tea, and hopefully gain enough momentum to do something sensible.

I have a rather enormous amount of dirty dishes waiting for me. Then there is the matter of clean clothes, a general tidy would be good, oh, and all of the homework I have been neglecting to do the last couple of weeks.

Maybe I need several cups of tea now I think about it..

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