Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Legwarmers for mom

  My notes, and the cable I used. 

The cable design is from a free sock pattern on ravelry.
The yarn is a wool mixture, not my favourite yarn to use.
Used 4 balls of yarn for the two legwarmers.
They are a bit wider in the second half, 8 sts wider on each to be exact.
I added the stitches to the purl stitches in between the cables.
I don't remember how long they are ( I gave them to my mom some time ago),
but they are above the knee.


Things are going sorta okay, it varies.
I sleep a lot.
Haven't managed to gain much momentum to do anything sensible.
My dad came by today however, and helped taking the humongous bunch of pots and pans and etc. that have been sitting on my kitchen counter for ages. 
Thank you dad.

Am by guarantee going to school Thursday, the first time for a couple of weeks I think.
Again, because of my dads help. I simply can't do it by myself.
A mixture of anxiety, low self esteem and hopelessness I suppose.
I really don't wanna go.

 I think it is time for another cup of tea to raise the mood.

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