Sunday, 19 October 2014

Attack of the moths

I have a continual fight against moth.
They have invaded me, and are not keen on moving on.
I have tidied and cleaned and sprayed with insect spray.
Yet they keep on going.
I am getting pretty fed up with them to tell you the truth!

The long wristwarmers below are the latest casualty.
Bloody hell!
I really liked those!


I wont mend them, it wouldn't be pretty.
So I guess I will unravel them and use them for something else.
I can't make myself do it quite yet. They were a lot of work, and fitted perfectly.


Actually there were two pairs of wristwarmers that was ruined.
The other pair is the one below, some of the first I ever did.
They are rather crude, and some yarn are sticking out.
Those are just going in the bin
Havn't used them for years you see.

I really, really hope the moths wont ruin anymore knitting projects!

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