Friday, 3 October 2014

Gift for my best friend

My best friend just finised her masters and turned 25 some days after.
That calls for gifts. 

Homemade ones, because she is such a one who I know will appreciate it.


Graduation gift:
I decided to make a diary/notebook for her as a gift for her graduation, 
plus a flower bouquet I bought on the way to see her.
 It is painted with acrylic paint.

I gave the book too many layers, too quickly of the base paint, so the notebook has gone a bit loop sided. Also I got paint on the sides, so I decided I would just paint them. Didn't think it quite through, because the paper absorbed more of the paint/ink I used, than what was pretty.
Lessons learned.

A great tit and  marguerite daisies

A white pansy and a daffodil.

Birthday gift:
Something practical.
She lives at a "kollegie" (sorta like a dorm house), 
but hopefully she will soon have a place of her own.

4 dishcloths and a guest towel, in red and purple colours and cotton yarn, and some bookmarks

Crocheted dishcloths.
The bright salmon coloured dishcloth is bigger than the rest, because the yarn for some reason was thicker than the others. (I used the same brand, but bought at different times)
Used a stitchs from a pattern dictionary.

Crocheted guest towel in red and purple colours.
Used this pattern fron Drops.
Hopefully she will now have time to read normal books again.


Yeah it is weekend now.
I hope you will have a good one:)

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