Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Hama bead birds

 I have for some time been wanting to try and make some birds of hama beads.
The other day I finally bought some bigger pegboards, so I could try it out.

The picture below shows the first bird I made, after a embroidery pattern found on pinterest.
Here is the link from pinterest.
The tail is a bit too thin I thought, so I wanted to make some bigger ones.

Then I tried making one bigger, by simply doubling up from the pattern.
Didn't get the best result, though. You can see it on the last two photos.

Then, I decided to try out a different pattern I found also on pinterest.
With an even bigger bird, which you can see in the make, on the pictures below.
Here is the link from pinterest
I liked the result of this one.

 Took over 2 hours doing this one.

 As you can see I used two different patterns, 
and I definitely prefer the bigger one, much more detail in it.

Here they are up hanging, they kept moving, so haven't got a good picture of them.

All in all I liked it, and will probably make some more at some point. 
These ones went to my mum, and are now hanging in my parents hallway.

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