Tuesday, 7 October 2014


 New books!
Reading "Bad Karma" at the moment.

Have you read a good book lately?

Visited a fleamarket with my best friend and my parents:

 Some of my favorite magazines.
To look through and to cut out for collages and such later.

 4 english plates.

 Some fabric samples.


Went into town yesterday, had a meeting with the municipality to go to.

Had a slight altercation with a mom and her pram because I neglected to move from a spot, where it said - "no prams". Completely threw me off. Thank goodness I had some extra medicine on me!

Anyways, when I go shopping it is normally for creative materials.
This time, some yarn as seen below, and some different glass and ceramic beads, from "søstrene grene" and "Panduro". The red beads are going to be put on strings for Christmas ornaments.

This weekend I am going to another big fleamarket in Copenhagen.
Looking forward to it:)

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