Sunday, 16 November 2014

Guest towels and dishcloths for parents

The stuff below I made as a Christmas present for my parents.

Many years ago I ruined almost all of my parents white guest towels.
By way of a homemade face mask, made at a girls party.
Rather embarrassing, though they took it very well.
I have however never forgotten about it, and have continually felt pretty bad about it.

Having a large stash of cotton yarn, some of it leftovers from a blanket I made.
It seemed Ideal to make that into some guest towels.

First I had a look on ravelry to find a pattern, and found this one from DROPS.
I followed the diagrams for the two different ones, though didn't completely understand them all the way, so I just guessed the rest.

The result was four guest towels, shown below.

I also made a few dishcloths for them, since the ones I made for my fathers birthday, 
have become quite the success.
You can see the details of them here.


Have started on a large assignment for school. To be handed ind on the 30th of January.
I take history on high school level, since I didn't finish school because of illness.
Anyways, I just hope I will make a descent try at it!

Off to do something creative now however. 
Already did a bit of reading earlier, 
and now I need a shot of creativity in order to do some more reading later;)

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