Sunday, 23 November 2014

Jars covered with crochet

My mother has gotten a new desk and a new office space at home.
I felt some sprucing up was in order.
Therefore I made these jars for pencils for her

I made some earlier for her workspace at her job, which you can see here.

They are crocheted in stripes to fit the different jars.
Then I crocheted some flowers, which I sewed in the ends of, and then glued on with a glue gun.


Christmas is drawing near. 

I have already made the first batch of Christmas cookies (Pebernødder, with orange zest for a twist).
Helped my mom unpack her Christmas decorations, she got a whole lot.
Made Christmas cards for my parents to send out.
Made a Christmas present or two.
Annndd I have watched a ton of Christmas movies.

Now, I am back home after a weekend at my parents,
 my cat is lying beside me, and I think I need one last cup of tea before bed.

I only have 2 projects in the works at the moment.
A shawl with different reds, that  I still have a way to go on, and a secret project.
Okay not so secret,  since I had my brother try on the wrist warmers I am making for him,
to make sure they fit...Which reminds me, I have to unravel ½ of them because they aren't totally perfect. Oh well. Business as usual. 
Anyways, I hope you had a good weekend:)

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