Monday, 3 November 2014

Perfect fleamarket finds

A couple of weekends ago I got some really good finds. 
Mostly at two different flea markets.
Below is the result of my spending spree.

 Went to the local flea market where I found a book about salads and a book about mythology.
Then I went to the local Netto to grocery shop, and found a knitting book I remember seeing a real nice cardigan in, absolutely perfect.

 Went to a large flea market with my mom and dad, and found lots of good things!

 Two pretty English plates.
 A cookie tin, with beautiful birds on it, just me.
I have been looking for the perfect teapot for some time, and found this English teapot.
 Crystal drops, which I am going to use as Christmas decorations.
 A sweet plant pot.
One of Emma Bridgewaters tins with birds. Again just me. I am rather fond of birds you see.


I am definitely at a good a level mood wise at the moment.
Which is rather nice.
I do love the autumn, and Christmas isn't far away.

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