Saturday, 20 December 2014


Finally the Christmas holiday is here.
Except I am rather restless and hyper.
Have been able to to quite a lot of things due to it however.
Which is a good thing I suppose.
Lots of cooking and baking have found place.
Delicious homemade ravioli today - yum.

I have been able to sit down a bit, and have drawn and done a water colour of different birds.
It i ages since I last drew, haven't done any drawing since September to tell the truth.
And, it feels really good to do it again.
There is just something about it that makes me completely relax.
Which of course should mean, I should do it way more often.
Alas that is rarely how it goes.

Though I do believe I will be doing some more drawing and water colouring during the holidays.

Also much more cooking and baking will be done, I guarantee.
Plus of course some knitting.

Happy Christmas

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Christmas cards 2014

 Even though the price of postage keeps rising,
my parents still send out Christmas cards.

This is this years Christmas cards:

 First, I searched for ideas at pinterest, and decided on some pine cones.
Then I found some pine cones in my botanical books, and drew a bit.
Then I made a test on some beige cardboard.
From that I decided to use grey cardboard, 
and to use a thicker silver pen to write, merry Christmas in danish.

 First I wrote "God Jul" - merry Christmas in danish.
Then I started making the outline for my pine cones.
A ruler was used to ensure they sat symmetrically.

When that was done, I could fill out the pine cones with colour.
I used a dark brown and a lighter brown.

 All the cones filled out.
Now I only need to add a silver border.



Here, you can see the Christmas cards I made in 2013


Made "Jødekager" today.
 It is a Christmas cookie baked with ammonium carbonate.
Before baking the cookies are brushed with egg,
and cinnamon sugar and chopped almonds are sprinkled on.

Fortunately I am not in cookie-eating mood - since I made them for my family for Christmas Normally I can hardly control myself, but  maybe it is just that time of the month.
Anyways, it will probably soon pass, and I will get crazy for anything sweet again:)

I am rather looking forward to the chocolate covered marzipan I made with my aunt!
Hope you have something delicious to look forward to as well.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Cozyness and Christmas

 Yesterday evening.
Drinking tea, with the kitty on my lap, knitting and watching Christmas TV. 
(A Victorian Farm Christmas, which is some of my absolute favourite TV of all times!)
How can it get much better?!
Oh, and then the homework lying in the background of course, not to forget...

 I got 3 fairy lights up this year.
A long one above my sofa - as you see on the photo.
A smaller one lying on my copper coffee table.
And a small read one in a plant.
 These are a new addition to my collection of Christmas decorations.
They hang in my living room windows.
Pretty pleased the kitty haven't decided that they are in fact her toys. 
She did that with some other stars I had in the windows one year - all destroyed now. 
Courtesy of  Miss Selma


My weekend will consist of:
 Washing of some clothes - it gotta be done after all
 Homework - can't avoid it any longer!
Baking Christmas cookies (jødekager)
Knitting, a lot
Tea drinking
Extensive TV watching, Christmassy stuff if possible
and most importantly - cozying up with the kitty.

What are your plans for this weekend?

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Red crocheted stars

One of the homemade things my parents have gotten in their Christmas calender, 
are these red crocheted stars.
Found these stars via pinterest.
I was sure I found a pattern for it, but can't find it now though..
It was a quick job.
Made with red wool yarn and a 4mm hook. 
Then I sewed on the ribbons and the buttons.
Voila, finished.


My brother fixed my computer screen, really nice, it was starting to get reeaally annoying.
I has to push the on and off button on the screen sometimes 30 times before it worked properly.
A bit boring.
Anyways, no longer an issue :)

Slept most of today, instead of doing my homework.
Went Christmas shopping in Copenhagen yesterday with my parents.
We finished most of the Christmas shopping, hurrah, though it left us all rather done for.
Which meant I watched Pride and Prejudice (1995 version, of course) late into the night to calm down.
It was brilliant. P and P, knitting and loads of tea.
Honestly, it doesn't get better than that :)

I hope you had a nice weekend, with not too much Christmas stress.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Christmas wreath

I decided to make a Christmas wreath for my parents.

I started out with a straw wreath, which I covered with yarn.

Then I found some pompoms I made earlier, some gold pinecones, and red berries.
I also crocheted some flowers.

Then I stuck the flowers, now with sewed in ends, and pompoms onto tthe wreath with pins,
 to see the effect.

Then I grapped my glue gun, and started gluing.
The pompoms are put on with pins (different than those one the picture above).

I ended up making more pompoms to make it more filled out.

I like the result.
And I know my parents liked it as well.
It was the first gift in their Advent calender.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Advent calender

 My brother and I decided that my parents should have an Advent calender this year.

 Here they are waiting to be picked up by my parents.

Here they are in situ at my parents.

I went for gold and copper coloured wrapping paper and white, creme and black ribbons.
I used some white cardboard and gold glitter glue to make the numbered gift tags.


My December have started rather well with a weekend at some family,
 making the annual confections. Lots of marzipan and chocolate was involved:)