Sunday, 14 December 2014

Christmas cards 2014

 Even though the price of postage keeps rising,
my parents still send out Christmas cards.

This is this years Christmas cards:

 First, I searched for ideas at pinterest, and decided on some pine cones.
Then I found some pine cones in my botanical books, and drew a bit.
Then I made a test on some beige cardboard.
From that I decided to use grey cardboard, 
and to use a thicker silver pen to write, merry Christmas in danish.

 First I wrote "God Jul" - merry Christmas in danish.
Then I started making the outline for my pine cones.
A ruler was used to ensure they sat symmetrically.

When that was done, I could fill out the pine cones with colour.
I used a dark brown and a lighter brown.

 All the cones filled out.
Now I only need to add a silver border.



Here, you can see the Christmas cards I made in 2013


Made "Jødekager" today.
 It is a Christmas cookie baked with ammonium carbonate.
Before baking the cookies are brushed with egg,
and cinnamon sugar and chopped almonds are sprinkled on.

Fortunately I am not in cookie-eating mood - since I made them for my family for Christmas Normally I can hardly control myself, but  maybe it is just that time of the month.
Anyways, it will probably soon pass, and I will get crazy for anything sweet again:)

I am rather looking forward to the chocolate covered marzipan I made with my aunt!
Hope you have something delicious to look forward to as well.

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