Friday, 12 December 2014

Cozyness and Christmas

 Yesterday evening.
Drinking tea, with the kitty on my lap, knitting and watching Christmas TV. 
(A Victorian Farm Christmas, which is some of my absolute favourite TV of all times!)
How can it get much better?!
Oh, and then the homework lying in the background of course, not to forget...

 I got 3 fairy lights up this year.
A long one above my sofa - as you see on the photo.
A smaller one lying on my copper coffee table.
And a small read one in a plant.
 These are a new addition to my collection of Christmas decorations.
They hang in my living room windows.
Pretty pleased the kitty haven't decided that they are in fact her toys. 
She did that with some other stars I had in the windows one year - all destroyed now. 
Courtesy of  Miss Selma


My weekend will consist of:
 Washing of some clothes - it gotta be done after all
 Homework - can't avoid it any longer!
Baking Christmas cookies (jødekager)
Knitting, a lot
Tea drinking
Extensive TV watching, Christmassy stuff if possible
and most importantly - cozying up with the kitty.

What are your plans for this weekend?

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