Saturday, 20 December 2014


Finally the Christmas holiday is here.
Except I am rather restless and hyper.
Have been able to to quite a lot of things due to it however.
Which is a good thing I suppose.
Lots of cooking and baking have found place.
Delicious homemade ravioli today - yum.

I have been able to sit down a bit, and have drawn and done a water colour of different birds.
It i ages since I last drew, haven't done any drawing since September to tell the truth.
And, it feels really good to do it again.
There is just something about it that makes me completely relax.
Which of course should mean, I should do it way more often.
Alas that is rarely how it goes.

Though I do believe I will be doing some more drawing and water colouring during the holidays.

Also much more cooking and baking will be done, I guarantee.
Plus of course some knitting.

Happy Christmas

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