Sunday, 7 December 2014

Red crocheted stars

One of the homemade things my parents have gotten in their Christmas calender, 
are these red crocheted stars.
Found these stars via pinterest.
I was sure I found a pattern for it, but can't find it now though..
It was a quick job.
Made with red wool yarn and a 4mm hook. 
Then I sewed on the ribbons and the buttons.
Voila, finished.


My brother fixed my computer screen, really nice, it was starting to get reeaally annoying.
I has to push the on and off button on the screen sometimes 30 times before it worked properly.
A bit boring.
Anyways, no longer an issue :)

Slept most of today, instead of doing my homework.
Went Christmas shopping in Copenhagen yesterday with my parents.
We finished most of the Christmas shopping, hurrah, though it left us all rather done for.
Which meant I watched Pride and Prejudice (1995 version, of course) late into the night to calm down.
It was brilliant. P and P, knitting and loads of tea.
Honestly, it doesn't get better than that :)

I hope you had a nice weekend, with not too much Christmas stress.

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