Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Guest towels and dishcloths

Many years ago now, I managed to ruin most of my parents white guest towels.
- by way of a natural face mask made at a girls night.
I have felt bad about it for ages, so when I decided that some left over cotton yarn could become guest towels, I was pleased.

I decided it was to be a Christmas present for my parents 2014.

First I searched on Ravelry and found this pattern from Drops.
I used cotton yarn from my stash. Some of it leftover from a blanket I made.

I also made some some dishcloths, since the ones I made for my father for his birthday earlier in the year was quite the success. You can see the post here, where I explain more in detail about them.


Only 3½ day till a big assignment is to be handed in, and I haven't started writting yet. 
Why, because it is going to be an awfull assigment from my hands.
I haven't got enough material, because the books I reserved at the library haven't arrived, and I havn't got any first hand sourcess.
I can postpone it forever, so at some point, I MUST start. Damn.

I used the last 2-3 days or so doing a bag alla attic 24. It came out rather well, will show you later.
It was way more fun to do than the assigment;)
Now it os done however, and I haven't got an excuse anymore. 
So I am of course looking for a new project:)

I will search a bit more, and postpone the assignment a bit more, and drink lots of tea.

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