Sunday, 11 January 2015

Knitted Christmas balls /baubles

I know Christmas is over, 
but because I gave most of the following away, I couldn't show you till now.
Here is some with lots of different colours I made back in 2012.

Last year I got a sudden urge to do some more, 
just in more traditional Christmas colours.
 I ended up doing 14 in all.
First I did 2 in purple colours because I hadn't been out to buy new yarn, 
and I just had to knit some right away.  Here you can see them.

Below you can see the 12 in red and white colours I made.


They are of course knitted after the fantastic knitting book, 
Which I absolutely love:)

In the book they have chosen to finish them with a crocheted string,
 instead I added some beads and some ribbon.



Most of them I gave away, except 3 which I kept.

They looked really nice on the Christmas tree:)

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