Friday, 16 January 2015

Lace scarf for my mother

I originally made this for my mother for her birthday in November.
When I took it out of my drawer in October to block it however, the moths had been at it!
Oh horror:(

I completely gave up, and we ended up finding something else to give her.

I did however show it to my mother because I was so bummed out about it, and she said I should save it instead of unravelling it. Which I was pretty close to doing (unravelling it), to get the thing out of my sight.
So I saved it.
Then later, I decided to try to save the scarf by shortening it at the beginning 
( that is where the hole was), while watching a Christmas movie, as I recall;)
I tried and I tried.
Anyways - I actually succeeded!
Big hurrah!

Then at some point in December, I blocked it.
What a result.
I really had no idea the result would be so different from the scarf before blocked.

So it became my mothers Christmas gift.


Managed to ruin my sleeping pattern a bit, by taking naps during the day.
My bed just looks so soft, and the kitty is purring plus my mood is not so good.
=> brilliant solution - taking a nap.
Of course in hindsight not so brilliant, but is sure does feel good just before you fall asleep;)

I have a large assignment to do for school the next 2 weeks. (I take history on high school level)
So hopefully I will get a sudden urge to read a lot, very soon, I hope...

Currently working on a teacozy, some dishloths and a cardigan.
 Though not really feeling much like any of it at the moment. 

 Working on the teacozy with the kitty lying in front of me - on my spiral calender as it happens.
They got some funny ideas those pets..

Happy weekend when you get to it!

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