Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Crochet covered hangers

 Many years ago I decided to paint my parents wooden hangers, only I never finished the job.
Which left my parents with some half done ugly hangers.

Then at some point 2014, I decided it was time to finish the job.
Only with yarn this time
In September I had finished 6 hangers, you can see the post here.
Slowly I crocheted some more, for the 12 last hangers.
In the end I got there, and it was time to sew them on.

Above you see the 12 finished covers. Finished them in October.
I think I made them 13 chains wide, which I was convinced was enough.
But eventually, sewing them on, left me feeling it was not perfect.
I had to stretch them a bit to much, which wasn't pretty.


Starting to unravel them all again.

 So nothing else to do, but to unravel.
Something I do very often.
I hope I get just a tad more clever every time, at least that is what I tell myself!

So I started making them again.
This time 14-15 chains wide, 
depending on whether it was cotton yarn that was slightly ticker than the mixed yarn I also used.
The length varied a bit also depending on the yarn I used.
 Around 26 coloured row. Where I did 2 rows per colour before changing.

It dragged on a bit, but with a bit more of my patience, I managed to finish them.
I do love a finished project:)

Above you see the 12 finished hangers.
Love the colours:)


Making a large assignment for school at the moment.
Read a lot of chapters in different books, am now at the writing part.
Just how do you boil down all of that knowlegde down to 5 pages?!
At least I am actually working on it now. Had several days where I couldn't get anything done.
So hopefully I will get a lot of work done the next few days:)

Now I just have to get into the groove of doing something creative!
I have been neclecting that as well you see..

Oh, and got up at 8 this morning, complete victory
- trying out a new app, called "If u can sleep"
Fingers crossed for tomorrow:)

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