Saturday, 28 February 2015

Crocheted bag alla Attic24

 I was in need of a project, as I often am.
- and had looked at Lucy's crocheted bag here some time ago, and made a mental note.
I looked through my yarn stash, and found several small bundles of yarn + several assorted balls of yarn in green and blue colours.
Perfect for lucy's bag I thought.

So I started out.
As you can see in the picture, it is not even in colours, because for the bottom I used scraps of yarn, and  for the body I used actual balls of yarn from my stash.
Not the most perfect result, but I still like it.

I made the mistakes of moving the place I joined the yarn, when going from the bottom to the body of the bag. Which isn't overly pretty, but it is in the side, so you don't actually see it.
The perfectionist in me, now, wish that I had unravelled it, and started again.
How could I make something imperfect, and let it leave my hands! -Darn.

Anyways, I made it for my mom, so she got it now...

It is the weekend, hurrah. Only I am not excited.
I got far too much I ought to do, but which I really don't wanna do.
-When is it not like that?!
So I will be using to today, trying to pull myself together.
Am also feeling bad about all the unhealthy things I have eaten the last few days.
Again a very normal thing for me.

I can promise, that I will drink masses of tea and pet my cat.
But that is about it, no more promises from me.

I am off, to drink tea, and watch a bit of TV or a film.
Maybe a happy ending will help my mood along a bit:)


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