Sunday, 22 February 2015

Cross stitch iphone case

Looked at tons of iphone cases at etsy, but couldn't find the perfect one.
So the solution was to get a cross stitch case.

First off I just put it on and forgot about it.

But after some time, I was in need of a project, and remembered this one.
So I searched for birds, the tit in particular, on pinterest.
Found the one on the picture below.
I drew it because it was over 2 pictures, and I wanted to make it, without having to look at my computer screen.
Actually drew it about 3 times because I kept making mistakes. 
In the end I got it right.

At first I did cross stitching ( 3 strands), but the threads kept breaking, as well as the needles.
Then I decided on making a single stitch ( 6 strands) instead. 
The treads still broke once in a while, and the needles, but it went a lot better.

Changed the design a little bit, so not an axact copy. 
Anyays, the result you see below.

Did consider covering the whole thing in stitches, but I think it would look a bit odd, because if you look at the case, it is not completely pierced at the edges- so I don't think it would look so good...

Not completely fond of the result. Really was planning to cover it all with stitches. So a bit dissapointed with the piercing of the case.nBut it was the only case I could get my hands on.
Better than nothing I suppose..

I might just do something to the background. Not filling it completely out, but adding something so it is not so emty.

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