Monday, 30 March 2015

Just now

Anything better, than tea, flowers and creating?!
Started a linen stitch scarf (the bundle on the left) 
and working on a  granny square bag (bundle on the right) .

 Linen stitch scarf, 480 sts, I think. Never was good at counting;)

 Normally I sort my yarn after colours,
 but my mom and dad gifted me 20 skeins of cottons yarn!
Now I have sorted it after material. Colours colours:)
New yarn calls for a new project!
Found this one via. pinterest, though I am doing it in a thinner yarn, using 2,5 mm hook.
Doing more hexagons to make up for the thinner yarn.
Just hope I can figure out making the bag with more hexagons..
Not quite sure I can actually, but sure will try.

What are you doing?

Friday, 27 March 2015

Water colour and drawing

I have seriously been neglecting my drawing lately!

I have however made a water colour and a drawing, of the same bird, a bluethroath.
They are quite different, even though they are of the same bird.
I am just not that good, but I am trying.


Still neglecting the drawing, but have been knitting a lot.
On a linnen stitch scarf the last two days. Around 480 sts or so. Soo many.
Though can't really tell just how long it will be, using a 120 cm wire.
Done 5 cm in two days. Far to go...

Have had two bad days, but starting a new project - the linnen stitch scarf, saved my days:)

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Blue cardigan

 This is my blue cardigan, my hetty cardigan.
With some few modifications.

Started in December, and just flew ahead. Until I reached the sleeves.
I just didn't get the description in the pattern, so after some time,
I ended up doing what I thought was meant.
Which turned out okay. 

Knitting on 5 mm needles are quite fun:) by the way.

I really like this way of constructing a cardigan!
From the top down, that is.
Also the adding of the button band and neckband at the end.

I chose to make the arms longer, making the cardigan shorter in general, widening the button band and neckband (I know, not done very well), and also doing them in seed stitch.
Not perfect, far from it.
But, I am okay satisfied with it.

It is after all only my 2. ever cardigan made or something like that!

Already knitting another version of it, in blue again, of course;)


I really should be doing homework, instead I am doing everything else!
Though, I better get started on some of it..darn..

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Spring is here

Spring has sprung.
Well, except for this weekend, which so far has been freezing! Brr...

If you can read danish, then you should have a look at this site.
Amazing salad recipes! The dressings YUM
Made this one, and this one today.

Got in my new chest of drawers and sofa table today.
So moved furniture around with the aid of my parents.

Now, I am watching "Midsomer Murders" on TV and drinking tea.

The cat is lying on top of 3 cardboard boxes, completely exhausted I imagine, from all of the bustle of having 3 new people around, and from lot of vacuuming and moving around furniture.


The next days will be spend, hopefully, with lots of washing of clothes ect. and also doing a school assignment, that I can't possible avoid any longer.
Oh and tea drinking not to forget!

Happy weekend:)

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Round placemats

I got some yarn for my birthday, one year, that I decided had to be turned into placemats.
So I searched, and ended up with this pattern from garnstudio.
It is knitted using the tecknique, short row.
Which was something I had never tried before, and wanted to give a go.

I made 6, 2 of each colour.
They are 45 sts on 3 mm needles. Turning every 5 sts.
The yarn is, the cotton yarn from "søstrene grene".

I ended up giving them to my parents however, because I realised I probably wouldn't use them.
- Since they had been put in a drawer after finishing, and never taken out.

They get quite a lot of use at my parents house. So that is nice:)


Started my second hetty-cardigan, only using another stitch design. So it is more lacy.
Already unravelled once, and might just decide to do it again when I get to the sleeves.
I have a nasty suspicion I might just have made the edge the wrong stitch so it will be not so pretty.
I could just check it now, before I am done with the body ( ½-way now).
Yes, I should do that.
Better than finding it out later when I have used more time and energy on it.
Here goes.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Green and blue afghan for a friend

Where on earth did I do of my notes for this afghan?
Ah, found them.

It is 150 cm X 200 cm. 

The pattern is "Warm waves" from this book.
The afghan is 174 chains wide, which is 19 repeats of the pattern.
 It is made from cotton yarn, mixed yarn, a tiny bit of acrylic yarn and wool yarn.
A lot of yarn I bought for the project, but also some yarn from my stash

To tell the truth, I did my usual thing, of unravelling, quite a lot.
Not because I got the pattern wrong, but because I didn't like the colour combination.

 I laid all of the yarn out on the floor in 3 rows.
Going from light blue, light green, dark greens and dark blues.
I had even bought some purple ones, but it just didn't seem right when I crocheted with them.
Because there was a difference between when lying on the floor, and when I had crocheted it.
Then suddenly it wasn't right... soo I unravelled.
As for the purple, I took them all out.

 The kitty loved the afghan.
While I worked on it, I would always find her lying on it.

I  made this afghan for a good friend.
She finished her masters last year, and had to move from student accommodation to her own place.
- I thought a homemade afghan was just the thing.
It was certainly made with lots of love, both from me and the cat;)


I kinda wanna make a new one now, but I already got 3 myself, so I have no need for a new one.
Also, it isn't cheap buying yarn for an afghan, and it does take some time.
So I will keep knitting on my other projects instead.
Though I am rather miffed with my "Que sera" cardigan, because I finished knitting the body,
and well, it is too small. It fits around the stomach, but nowhere else.
I can't quite man myself enough up to unravel it yet though.
Nothing else to do than to keep knitting!

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Current projects

 Started knitting a shawl out of some green yarn,
 that I unravelled from a shawl with several holes in it.
I wrote about it here.
Got a new wire, so I am back to knitting on it again. 
Have had to make quite a lot of knots because of broken strands of yarn.
Unsure how it will look on the finished project, but just have to wait and see.

 My "Que Sera" cardigan, 
Have made it too short however, and the buttonholes are in the wrong places...
 Should unravel it, but can't pull myself together to actually do it.
So I keep knitting on it..A bit stupid really..
But I might be able to fix the buttonhole thing with the neckband.
Can't be completely sure till I am done knitting the body of the cardigan,
 and actually do the neckband.
So I keep knitting.
This little one, keeps lying on the pattern I am knitting the light blue Que Sera cardigan after.


Weekend, no days I have to actually go outside! Lovely:)

My kitchen looks like crap. My dishwasher keeps on, not cleaning the stuff properly.
Getting a bit fed up by it. Okay, a lot fed up by it.
I suppose I will be washing all of the stuff up by hand instead.
Just have to pull myself together... which will take some time. Knowing me.. 

Anyways, happy weekend to you!

Monday, 9 March 2015

Yarn purchases

New yarn!
And, yes, it is all blue:)

Bought yarn for a new "Hetty" cardigan - the blue on the left.
Yarn for a "Que Sera" cardigan - the light blue yarn, that I have already started on.
And yarn for a new hat - the  "Ravine" hat .

Also bought a new chest of drawers, and a sofa table.
Though I wont get it for some time, because I had to leave it at my parents, since I couldn't bring it back to my apartment via the train.


Today I shall read some stuff for school, but mostly just chillax with my cat:)
A good day ahead of me.
There will be knitting and lots of tea drinking. 
Possibly some tidying up will be done, but no guaranties;)

Happy Monday to you.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Just now, with cat

 Haven't been too active on the creative front.

I did however decide to unravel a shawl my mother made many years ago.
I opted for unravelling, because the moths had made at least two holes in it.
So I started unravelling, but then the kitty thought the unravelling looked really funny, 
and wanted to join in.
- and that is what you see on the picture below.
Couldn't get a picture of her lying still, because she was so excited.
In the end, I confess, I did push her off it - I had work to do after all.

I have started knitting a new shawl already, 
but the wire fell out of the socket (If it is called that).
 Which is a bit annoying, though I have been expecting it.

So I need to buy a new wire soon.
Also decided to buy yarn for a new hetty cardigan. Probably in blue again. 

Now, I will make some more tea, find the kitty and bother her a bit;) (give her a hug), 
and knit a bit to a movie or something.