Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Blue cardigan

 This is my blue cardigan, my hetty cardigan.
With some few modifications.

Started in December, and just flew ahead. Until I reached the sleeves.
I just didn't get the description in the pattern, so after some time,
I ended up doing what I thought was meant.
Which turned out okay. 

Knitting on 5 mm needles are quite fun:) by the way.

I really like this way of constructing a cardigan!
From the top down, that is.
Also the adding of the button band and neckband at the end.

I chose to make the arms longer, making the cardigan shorter in general, widening the button band and neckband (I know, not done very well), and also doing them in seed stitch.
Not perfect, far from it.
But, I am okay satisfied with it.

It is after all only my 2. ever cardigan made or something like that!

Already knitting another version of it, in blue again, of course;)


I really should be doing homework, instead I am doing everything else!
Though, I better get started on some of it..darn..

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  1. Kære Sofie.

    Det er en meget flot Cardigan.
    Kærlig hilsen