Saturday, 14 March 2015

Current projects

 Started knitting a shawl out of some green yarn,
 that I unravelled from a shawl with several holes in it.
I wrote about it here.
Got a new wire, so I am back to knitting on it again. 
Have had to make quite a lot of knots because of broken strands of yarn.
Unsure how it will look on the finished project, but just have to wait and see.

 My "Que Sera" cardigan, 
Have made it too short however, and the buttonholes are in the wrong places...
 Should unravel it, but can't pull myself together to actually do it.
So I keep knitting on it..A bit stupid really..
But I might be able to fix the buttonhole thing with the neckband.
Can't be completely sure till I am done knitting the body of the cardigan,
 and actually do the neckband.
So I keep knitting.
This little one, keeps lying on the pattern I am knitting the light blue Que Sera cardigan after.


Weekend, no days I have to actually go outside! Lovely:)

My kitchen looks like crap. My dishwasher keeps on, not cleaning the stuff properly.
Getting a bit fed up by it. Okay, a lot fed up by it.
I suppose I will be washing all of the stuff up by hand instead.
Just have to pull myself together... which will take some time. Knowing me.. 

Anyways, happy weekend to you!

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