Monday, 16 March 2015

Green and blue afghan for a friend

Where on earth did I do of my notes for this afghan?
Ah, found them.

It is 150 cm X 200 cm. 

The pattern is "Warm waves" from this book.
The afghan is 174 chains wide, which is 19 repeats of the pattern.
 It is made from cotton yarn, mixed yarn, a tiny bit of acrylic yarn and wool yarn.
A lot of yarn I bought for the project, but also some yarn from my stash

To tell the truth, I did my usual thing, of unravelling, quite a lot.
Not because I got the pattern wrong, but because I didn't like the colour combination.

 I laid all of the yarn out on the floor in 3 rows.
Going from light blue, light green, dark greens and dark blues.
I had even bought some purple ones, but it just didn't seem right when I crocheted with them.
Because there was a difference between when lying on the floor, and when I had crocheted it.
Then suddenly it wasn't right... soo I unravelled.
As for the purple, I took them all out.

 The kitty loved the afghan.
While I worked on it, I would always find her lying on it.

I  made this afghan for a good friend.
She finished her masters last year, and had to move from student accommodation to her own place.
- I thought a homemade afghan was just the thing.
It was certainly made with lots of love, both from me and the cat;)


I kinda wanna make a new one now, but I already got 3 myself, so I have no need for a new one.
Also, it isn't cheap buying yarn for an afghan, and it does take some time.
So I will keep knitting on my other projects instead.
Though I am rather miffed with my "Que sera" cardigan, because I finished knitting the body,
and well, it is too small. It fits around the stomach, but nowhere else.
I can't quite man myself enough up to unravel it yet though.
Nothing else to do than to keep knitting!

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