Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Just now, with cat

 Haven't been too active on the creative front.

I did however decide to unravel a shawl my mother made many years ago.
I opted for unravelling, because the moths had made at least two holes in it.
So I started unravelling, but then the kitty thought the unravelling looked really funny, 
and wanted to join in.
- and that is what you see on the picture below.
Couldn't get a picture of her lying still, because she was so excited.
In the end, I confess, I did push her off it - I had work to do after all.

I have started knitting a new shawl already, 
but the wire fell out of the socket (If it is called that).
 Which is a bit annoying, though I have been expecting it.

So I need to buy a new wire soon.
Also decided to buy yarn for a new hetty cardigan. Probably in blue again. 

Now, I will make some more tea, find the kitty and bother her a bit;) (give her a hug), 
and knit a bit to a movie or something.

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